faecal storm - Linus Tech Tips

  1. nah tell them to drag there arses out of bed and come and remount your HSF you dont pay for a prebuilt system, to do one of the more risky assmebly parts yourself

  2. the old cable is most likley of higher quality when you increase res and or Hz you increase data in the signal cable, things like cable length etc start to have more of an impact

  3. when using long cables quality does actualy matter if you cant use a shorter cable you need to buy a cable that can handle 4K @ 60Hz it will be hit and miss unless the explictly state what it can handle

  4. Unlike old CRT monitors LCD's have a Native resolution that looks best. that TV is 1,366x768 (pretty much 720p slightly better). knowing your graphics and cpu power will help you pick a montior In the old days you could just drop the res if you were having horsepower issues but if you do this with an LCD it will look ugly as it will no longer be at native res (which you have noticed on the TV) you have a few questions you need to ask your self what will you be using it for? what res do you want/ can your rig handle now and near future until you upgrade gpu (720p, 1080p, 1440p or some other res)? how important is response time to you and input lag what Hz do you want need/notice do you care about freesync and/or G-sync i just got a new monitor AG241QX (1440p, 24", 144Hz, TN panel, ugly antigalre coating), i have a GTX 1070 and a 4770K @ 4.5Ghz that was an upgrade form a viewsonic LED backlight TN 1080P 60Hz monitor