Anime/Manga Inspired Games by Sarmad2332

Anime/Manga Inspired Games

With the increase in number of subbing and dubbing studios, Anime and Manga are being broadcasted on a unprecedented scale. We all have our own obsession with Anime or Manga, be it Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, One Piece, Seven Deadly Sins, One Punch Man, Steins Gate, all of us have one at the least. So naturally it is only expected that these be made into games. Ordinary cartoons like Adventure Time or Spongebob have been repeatedly been made into games so why not anime or manga.

And there are a few titles here and there, like Naruto Shippuden Series or One Piece. But these are very limited. Manga and anime have always been a cut above other forms of animations, dealing with plenty of adult and young adult themes, but their transitions into the world of interactive entertainment (games) has not done them justice. In contrast to the ridiculously massive selection of anime and manga available, we gamers have a very limited selection of titles to chose from, majority of which exist in the brawler (P v Com) fighting genre of things. One Piece game is reduced to a mind numbing button masher, and Naruto/DragonBallZ are your typical fighting games.

Now it is understandable that not every anime or manga can get its video game, owning to the costs of development, and that only the most popular and followed ones can get such an asset. But even then, there is not a half decent collection of games. Tokyo Ghoul or Fairy Tail/Bleach (before their finale arcs) command over 1 million views for each chapter or episode released. Same goes for Attack on Titan or One Punch Man or Boku No Hero. Granted the later two are fairly new Anime/Manga but not Attack On Titan. And what about Death Note or Fullmetal Alchemist?

It seems rather odd to me, that money leeching devs like EA are not milking this cow, because if you think about it, and ongoing anime or manga can be a great source of income. Make the game and then add the later story released after the games launch as DLCs. Nor are more serious devs taking interest like Bethesda or Nintendo.

Why the absolute shunning of arguably the most diverse and expressive form of animation is very strange from my perspective, the perspective of one who enjoys anime and manga and games and would love a collaboration of them