Kingdom Come: Deliverance News - Kingdom Come Deliverance Patch 1.4 With Focus on Optimising Multi-Core CPU Support

Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s slow, steady march from an excellent but terribly buggy game to just plain old excellent continues this week. After last week’s 1.3 patch, Kingdom Come director Daniel Vavre has said Warhorse is already working on update 1.4, this time with improved optimisation for multi-core CPU support.

“The patch size is 5.7GB. We are already working on 1.4 that will hopefully improve performance on PC among other things,” said Vavra shortly after patch 1.3 was deployed.

When asked whether more console performance improvements are inbound he said “Maybe, but less visible. We made some mistakes in Ultra settings that were added in a hurry, so will fix those. Also, we will optimize multi-core CPU support, which is already fine on consoles.”

Warhorse hasn’t said just yet when Kingdom Come: Deliverance patch 1.4 will be available but they have managed to release fixes pretty much every week until this point. Slowly but surely, Kingdom Come is becoming the game we’ve wanted it to be, particularly for those without top-of-the-line gaming rigs.

Since patch 1.3 though, Warhorse issued a 1.3.1 hotfix that seems to have broken the Advanced Graphics settings, so a hotfix for the hotfix should be issued shortly. In the meantime, the recommendation is you don’t mess with KC:D’s graphics settings.

“So we released a hotfix 1.3.1 that optimises the game on some CPUs, but also we screwed Advanced Graphic Settings when adding new features there, so we are working on another hotfix for that. Don’t fiddle with those until it’s fixed :)”

How have you found Kingdom Come’s performance since launch? Is now the right time for new players to jump in, or does it still need more work?

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