New Gameplay Today – 39 Days To Mars

In today's NGT episode, Matt Miller and Leo Vader team up in the co-op game 39 Days to Mars, which features a pair of weirdos and their convoluted, puzzle-filled lives.Why, to go to Mars, of course.

A Frigid, Unrelenting Survival Success - Frostpunk - PC

Maybe they would have been better off banishing me to the frigid nothingness surrounding our base.Horrible decisions like this are a regular occurrence in Frostpunk, the callous, intriguing, and addictive simulation from the studio behind This War of Mine.

The Easter Eggs And References Of Spider-Man - Features

Sanctum Sanctorum from Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers Tower, Sanctum Sanctorum, and the Wakandan EmbassyWe asked Insomniac writer Jon Paquette about how far this Spider-Man story would stretch beyond the realm of Spider-Man's world.The SpiderIn the corner of Peter's apartment there is a poster highlighting his early Spider-Man shenanigans from 2010.

The Sports Desk – This Isn't The End Of Pro Evolution Soccer - Features

Konami recently announced it is ending its 10-year licensing relationship with UEFA's Champions League – a loss for the company's Pro Evolution Soccer versus its license-rich, rival franchise FIFA.Besides, for many supporters, winning their domestic league is the priority over the Champions League, anyway.

The Best Games Period - Episode 95 - Super Mario 64 - Jackalope38 Blog

Growing out of a prototype conceived for the Super Nintendo, Super Mario 64 hit the gaming landscape like a thunderbolt of Italian stereotypes in 1996.Shigeru Miyamoto had managed to push back the launch of the Nintendo 64 from its prime holiday release window in 1995 to give a handful of precious months to finish development on Super Mario 64.

Ranking Every Far Cry Game - Features

resulted in what's far and away the worst way to play Far Cry.After more than a decade of running and gunning around the world, Far Cry was starting to feel a bit samey.

Journey Into Hell This May With Horror Game Agony

Agony, an upcoming first-person horror game set in hell, is releasing next month.You make your way through the frightening underworld with the use of special abilities that allow you to control other beings and possess demons as you attempt to find the mythical Red Goddess.

Replay – Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny

In 2002, Capcom used the likeness of famed Japanese actor Yusaku Matsuda for the lead roll in Onimusha 2 — a supernatural action games set in medieval Japan.We traveled back to Yagyu village to find out how well this PS2 classic holds up 16 years later.

Designing The Look Of Spider-Man - Features

While Insomniac's Spider-Man is instantly recognizable as the classic character, there are actually many elements of his design that are unique to their version.In the video below, Art Director Jacinda Chew goes into the rationale behind the design, as well as gives insight into some of the smaller details and the tech behind making it work in the game.

10 Beginner’s Tips For God Of War - Features

After the long wait since its original E3 reveal in 2016, the new God of War has finally released.Exploring can always waitUnlike previous games in the series, this God of War has a large, open area full of optional content.

After Six Hours With Labo, Here’s What We Think - Features

It's equal parts Lego-style toy and video game you have to build yourself.I spent most of yesterday and this morning building Labo creations, and while I am not ready to offer up my final impressions, I can offer you my thoughts so far considering both of the Labo kits are available for purchase today.

Join Our GI Game Club For God Of War - Features

The release of God of War on the PlayStation 4 on April 20th seems like a great opportunity we didn't want to pass up, so it'll be the next official GI Game Club.In that episode, we'll be talking about everything up until you encounter a character named Mimir (seen in the screenshot above).

Top Of The Table – The Pathfinder Playtest Interview - Features

Like back in 2008, the team considers its players’ feedback as integral to getting things right, so the first step into this new edition is a dedicated Pathfinder Playtest book release, coming this August.And those same fans will then have the chance to offer feedback about those rules that will help shape the final release of the new edition.