Play padel with two of the best players in the world

Location: Al Arabi Sports Club, Doha, Qatar

Date: 10 February

Time: 02:30 pm - 06:30 pm

Ticket Purchase: No tickets needed

Price: - QR

Phone: 6685 2539

Email: [email protected]


14.30 hours. - Tournament. A tie break contest up to 10 points.

16.00 hours. – Juan Martin Diaz and Bebe August will be sharing the courts with 30 of the participants, playing each one in one court. Every five minutes, six new players share court with them.

17.30 hours. – Exhibition Match between Juan Martín Díaz and Bebe August.

Juan Martin Diaz and Bebe Auguste, two padel legends

Bebe Auguste won more than 100 professional padel tournaments since 1991 in Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay and France and he has been world champion 8 times. Actually, works for World Padel Tour as an International Expansion Director.

Juan Martín Díaz will play this season with the Spanish player Paquito Navarro on the World Padel Tour. He has been Number One during 13 years and won 170 finals form 191 in which he participated. He won 4 World Championships, 2 European Championships, 6 Spanish Championships, 3 Teams Spanish Championships and 2 Mix Spanish Championships amongst others.


This event is free. Do not miss the chance to play the padel match of your life. Sign up sending a Whatsapp message to +974 6685 2539.

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