What are the best options for televisions around $150 or less? - TV

I have three setups in the house. There is the TV in the living room which is a 24" SDTV from the mid-2000's hooked up to a PS2. There is a TV in one of the bedrooms which is a Vizio 720p LCD from 2007 (terrible viewing angles, washed out blacks, but it was still an impressive upgrade at the time) . The setup in my bedroom is the most advanced. I have a desktop which I built myself connected to both a Dell UltraSharp U2412Mb 24-Inch (1200p, 300 cd/m2) which is the main monitor, and a LG 27EA63V-P 27" IPS (1080p, 250 cd/m2), which functions both as a secondary monitor, and the display for my Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS3. Now, I love the LG, the bezel is beautiful, and both movies and games look great on them, but the audio setup is a pain, I have to connect the sound from the consoles through the computer and back to the monitor, something I hadn't considered when contemplating the purchase, as visual is a little more important to me than audio. (So much so that I have a pair of 2W Cyber Acoustics speakers from a decade ago to go with this fine display.) Now, I'm considering to buy two or three TVs to upgrade the other rooms and to resolve this inconvenience. But my budget is only about $150 per TV. What should I buy for that? I am considering either the Samsung UN28H4000 28" (which has the Samsung branded asset of being able to play movies off a USB drive) or the TCL Roku 32S301 32". Both of these are 720p, though. People say "you can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p at that size" but I can, in the sense that a 720p TV broadcast is very noticeably different than 1080p Blu-ray playback, and the 1080p from Netflix looks noticeably inferior to the higher bit rate Blu-ray as well. Do higher bit rates translate to 720p screens? Because I've really found bitrates to be a more relevant issue with HD content. And for games, well, I was thinking of playing games while lying in bed, and the monitor is not currently directed in front of the bed (you would think this would be the case, but my bedroom is small for all the stuff I have in it) so if I reorient the bed in front of the TV, would I do well to buy the 32 inch no matter what or should I hold out for an even bigger (1080p) TV? As it is, the monitor is oriented about 4 feet away when usually play games. Since many games are not even in 1080p, and the original Xbox One I have caps out at 900p or so, does it even matter?

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