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This is an electronic cigarette outlet based in Kenora which serves Northwest Ontario and it’s surrounding and it’s known to be produce the finest products in the market. VapeMate relieves smokers from dilemma of quitting smoking and forego the enjoyment of smoking by providing them with a switch to an alternative electronic cigarettes .Vegemite, just like a master seed that grows to a huge tree, came into business in 2011 and started as a small business in the backroom of a single store in Macedonia. From the small beginning, the company has strived to become one of the top most companies providing notch devices and the highest quality e-juice. Their main aim was to deliberate smokers from using analog cigarettes. Their products are characterized by high quality, durability and functionality. The manufacturing of the products is accompanied with intensive research and consultations. Vapemate staff is well trained in order to ensure that customers attain complete satisfaction. Some of accessories provided by Vapemate include: clearomizer (which contain atomizer tank), Cartmizers (which contain cartridge and Atomizer combined); Drip tips i.e.

The Tiger's Torch Drip Tips. VapeMate has the Vapor liquid blends of high quality which are extracted from flavor crafters. The vapor liquid is offered in 10 ml, 30ml, and 60ml bottles but the company has decided to discontinue sale of 10 ml bottles of their Flavor Crafters and thunderhead flavors .This is to enable them to accommodate their new Evolve line. Vapemate has also considered the beginners or those who have just started smoking by providing them with KangerTech and WinderVV. In addition to the company producing herbal vaporizers and E-cigarettes, it also provides herbal Grinders. Vapemate also adheres to the rules and regulations set by the government. Hence it sets conditions for sale of its products such as: For anyone so purchase their products, he/she should be 19yrs and above of age. Their products should also not be used by children or expectant women or who are breastfeeding. Persons who are at risk of diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma or under medication of depression should avoid using the products.

When one orders for Vapemate products he/she must first agree with all the terms and conditions set in the disclaimer provided. One can also purchase the products online in their website and thereafter shipment is arranged. A person whose shipment is outside Canada he/she is responsible for all additional cost such as; duties, taxes and tariffs. Vapemate also offers free shipment to some items .These items are generally smaller and less expensive and which it would not make any sense to attach a shipping fee. Vapemate is the best company to by products from since they also reconsider return of products that are defect 30 days from the date of purchase. This is very considerate since that would have ended up being a loss on the buyer. An advantage of using Vapemate Vapor vaporizers over the analogue cigarette is that ,analog cigarette emit smoke which is a result of combustion of materials .The chemicals emitted are harmful to the body however vapor is simply gaseous obtain when liquid is overheated. In this case the herb does not undergo combustion. The vapor has no harmful substances. There are two main types of herbal vaporizers i.e., Pen vaped and True vapes.Pen vapes contain an exposed heating coil that has direct connection with the herb. True vapes on the other hand do not contain an exposed heating coil, instead it have a small chamber where the herb is gently heated to produce the vapor.