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Shu Uemura is a cosmetics selling brand that believes in the motto "Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin". The company sells its cosmetic goods in more than 18 countries and you can buy Shu Uemura branded products from around 320 shops across the globe. It has a huge network of shops and you can buy its products from wherever you prefer. However, the best way is to go to the boutique and customize what you buy. You'll also get the wholesome experience of being in a beauty boutique.

The company's history dates back to the year 1955 when She Uemura began working on Hollywood projects as a makeup artist. He started becoming really famous and was gaining popularity within no time. In the next couple of years, he opened the first Shu Uemura makeup institute which was completely dedicated to teaching the art of makeup to the students. In 1967, he created history after introducing the first oil based cleanser in Japan. People loved the product and the journey to create a brand emerged from then.

Most of the makeup items that the company sells are meant to value and enhance artistic expression so that they can be at their best all the times. Even a laboratory is setup just to test the products and know if it has any kind of side effects on skin. Thus you can be completely assured that all the products from the company are quality tested and won't have any kind of adverse effects on your health. There is also a beauty boutique by the company where you shall find all kinds of beauty and skin care products.

You can also make all your purchases online through the website and it is beautifully designed to facilitate ease of shopping. There are numerous sections on the site that showcase various kinds of the products. In the must have section, you will find the best beauty products that are highly recommended by professional makeup artists. If you are buying for the first time, it is completely advisable for you to check out the ‘must visit’ section. There is also a ‘discover’ section which usually has products that are new and undiscovered. If you are looking to try different varieties of products, you can have a look at the ‘discover’ section. You will also see a ‘special offers’ section where all the discounted products are listed. All those who are on a budget and want to buy from Shu Uemura can have a look here.

The major category of products that the company sells includes skin care, makeup and accessories. We can safely say that Shu Uemura stands for the best quality products and you will find no less than the best in class. No matter what you are looking for, you will most probably find the products in the listed categories on the site. If you are adamant in buying online, you can head to their official stores or boutiques to checkout the products before you actually buy them.