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5000 years of migrations from the Eurasian steppes to Europe

This is where the horse was domesticated, chariots invented, and one of the earliest place where the Bronze Age flourished and from which it expanded.From approximately 4000 BCE steppe people moved westwards to establish themselves around the Danube valley and the Carpathian basin, then little by little deeper into Europe.

The 10 best places to avoid noise, light and air pollution

To get the most benefit, it’s worth seeking out places with minimal noise, artificial light and air pollution.Quiet places are disappearing fast, even in protected areas; nighttime light pollution covers nearly 80% of the planet, and there are no places left that are entirely free of air pollution.

faecal storm - Linus Tech Tips

that TV is 1,366x768 (pretty much 720p slightly better).knowing your graphics and cpu power will help you pick a montior
In the old days you could just drop the res if you were having horsepower issues but if you do this with an LCD it will look ugly as it will no longer be at native res (which you have noticed on the TV)
you have a few questions you need to ask your self
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The EPA is lifting strict limits on toxic air pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency just took a dramatic step toward deregulating some major sources of toxic air pollution, which could have huge implications for public health.In other words, once a “major source” reduces its pollution below the line, it doesn’t have to keep using the best equipment to continue reducing pollution.

Body found in Vienna canal is missing Irishman (21)

Tragic accident: Ross Hanlon

The body of a young Irishman has been found in an Austrian canal, with his death being treated as a tragic accident, his family have confirmed.His body was found in the Danube canal at around 5pm yesterday.

A new study claims air pollution is affecting women's periods

BLOODY SHAME Scientist studied over 34,000 women and found a link between the levels of air pollution they were exposed to while growing up and their monthly cycles28th January 2018, 4:40 pmUpdated: 28th January 2018, 4:40 pmSCIENTISTS claim to have found a link between air pollution levels and irregular periods.PA:Press Association Air pollution is a real problem in Britain, and it might be causing more problems than first thought
The boffins compared women's menstrual cycle irregularity with how exposed they were to air pollution in their teenage years.

Air pollution linked to increased crime levels, finds research

“The psychological experience of air pollution increased anxiety, which in turn increased people’s tendency to behave unethically,” the report, titled Polluted Morality: Air Pollution Predicts Criminal Activity and Unethical Behaviour, said.Thick smog engulfs New Delhi as air pollution peaks in the city

In order to prove a causal link between pollution and crime, the researchers carried out a series of experiments.

Quiet suburb left in shock after teen shot by police

LATEST: Neighbours of a quiet community are in shock after a teenage boy allegedly charged at police with a knife before being shot.When they attempted to enter the Danube Crescent home, officers were confronted with a teenager allegedly armed with a knife.

DIY faecal transplants carry risks including HIV and hepatitis, warn experts | Science

Currently, implanting a “healthy” gut microbiome into a recipient is one of the treatments used in medical settings to tackle the superbug Clostridium difficile.But with some claiming the procedure could help a wide range of conditions, a plethora of YouTube videos have sprung up revealing in how to carry out faecal transplants at home.