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It’s not just microbeads: What else in your house is ruining the environment?

The move follows pressure from environmental groups and scientists highlighting the contribution microbeads make to the wider problem of plastic pollution, particularly in the marine environment.Vast sea of plastic and pollution in the Caribbean: in pictures

Cotton buds

As they are composed largely of the plastic polypropylene, cotton buds are a part of the wider plastic pollution problem.

Diesel news, fuel, pollution charges, tax, prices

Diesel fuel is used to run diesel engines in cars and other vehicles.Diesel car owners are facing the prospect of extra bills to drive into towns and cities as part of efforts to tackle pollution.

A new study claims air pollution is affecting women's periods

BLOODY SHAME Scientist studied over 34,000 women and found a link between the levels of air pollution they were exposed to while growing up and their monthly cycles28th January 2018, 4:40 pmUpdated: 28th January 2018, 4:40 pmSCIENTISTS claim to have found a link between air pollution levels and irregular periods.PA:Press Association Air pollution is a real problem in Britain, and it might be causing more problems than first thought
The boffins compared women's menstrual cycle irregularity with how exposed they were to air pollution in their teenage years.

Battling Urban Pollution Is Also About Wealth

The fight against pollution isn’t just about pollution, it’s also about wealth, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.Tighter-packed and lower-income cities such as Kolkata and Jakarta suffer more from dangerous levels of particulates, while spread out, better-off locations such as Los Angeles and Auckland -- with high levels of private-vehicle ownership -- are more likely to need to tackle greenhouse gas emissions.

Blue Danube Systems Ofrece un Avance Revolucionario con los Primeros Sistemas Massive MIMO Multibanda y Multiestándar de la Industria

Con base en la innovadora tecnología HDAAS™ Hybrid Massive MIMO de Blue
Danube, BeamCraft 600 de 96 elementos admite hasta dos bandas medias
activas usando 16 haces configurables por software, el doble de la
capacidad de la generación anterior de la compañía, pero aún dentro del
mismo factor de forma liviano de 14” de ancho.Además, una opción
integrada de banda baja pasiva también está disponible para conservar
aún más las posiciones de montaje de la antena.

Boy, 16, shot by police at his front door

A 16-year-old boy is in a serious condition after being shot by police who were called to a domestic disturbance at his home southwest of Brisbane.It's understood the boy's mother called police to a domestic disturbance involving the boy and his father at a house in Danube Crescent, Springfield, about 2.