Bose AR aims for augmented audio instead of visuals - Video

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We wear Pizza Hut's pizza-ordering, TV-pausing shoes


Pie Tops II are a publicity stunt. But what's inside these things and what do they feel like?

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CNET's guide to smartwatches and wearables, 2018


What should you buy? What should you keep in mind? CNET wearable editor Scott Stein discusses what's the best and what to look for...

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5G may make AR smart glasses experiences worth trying


A fast wireless connection could offload the processing work from the glasses, allowing them to be smaller and smarter.

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Turn your hand into a screen with this projector watch


The Haier Asu has a tiny projector inside a bulky frame. But is it a bright idea?

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Ministry of Supply's Alexa-powered smart heated jacket has its own thermostat


We wear the Mercury Intelligent Heated Jacket and talk with one of its creators to understand how it works.

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Fitbit's smartwatch is finally kinda fun, thanks to Pebble


Retro watch faces and weird apps have arrived to make Fitbit Ionic more interesting to wear

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Matrix has thermal-powered tech that drives smartwatches and more


No charging needed: Body heat drives this smartwatch and could work with other sensors, too.

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Will all smartglasses have voice AI like Rokid Glass?


Chinese company Rokid believes these glasses will use AI and gestures to transform heads-up displays.

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