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Google AR microscope uses machine learning to quickly spot cancer cells

Locating cancer with a standard microscope is a difficult and time-consuming process, with a raft of information for doctors to study and investigate.With this new solution, though, the microscope is able to quickly locate cancerous cells and then highlight them as a doctor peers inside.

Vive Pro sends out its AR dev kit

The new update should help turn the device into the kind of augmented reality developer kit Magic Leap has been distributing quietly in small numbers.The HTC Vive Pro is a high-quality VR headset shipping today in an $1,100 package, and you’ll need to bring your own high-end PC to power it.

Osmo hits a million educational AR games on iPads

And the company is revealing today that those games have reached a million iPads, which is becoming a primary educational device for young kids.Image Credit: Dean Takahashi
Pramod Sharma: We’re clearly popular with early adopters, but now we’re going from early adopters to a mass brand.

Associate Games Producer VR/AR in Waterloo, Ontario

Waterloo, Ontario

Job Type:
Project Management
Android, Enhanced / Virtual Reality, iOS

Experience Level:
Entry Level
High School or equivalent

The successful candidate will have attention to detail, ability to respond quickly to new tasks, and a strong work ethic.Manage website development for product and social feeds including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

izziņās tagad arī informācija par 2017.gadā veiktajiem nodokļu maksājumiem

Informējam, ka Lursoft izziņas tagad papildinātas ar informāciju par komersantu veiktajiem nodokļu maksājumiem valsts kopbudžetā 2017.Tostarp pieejama informācija ne tikai par uzņēmumu kopējiem nodokļu maksājumiem, bet arī par uzņēmumu veiktajām valsts sociālās apdrošināšanas obligātajām iemaksām un samaksātā iedzīvotāju ienākuma nodokļa apmēru.

Zara AR App Hopes To Draw Teens In-Store

In a bid to engage younger audiences with retail locations, Zara has released an augmented reality experience, called Zara AR, that displays a virtual fashion show to interested shoppers.Unlike many branded AR apps, especially those pertaining to the beauty industry—which strive to be available according to the whims of their users—Zara AR trades in exclusivity.

God of War and Star Wars Holochess get free iOS AR experiences

Fans of Star Wars will be particularly excited to see a longtime wish fulfilled via the magic of AR.Previously requiring a Lenovo Mirage AR headset, lightsaber controller, and tracking beacon, Disney’s Star Wars: Jedi Challenges app has been updated with ARKit support in version 1.